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tv   KTVU Mornings on 2 at 4am  FOX  September 9, 2015 4:00am-4:31am PDT

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and the city that will hit temperatures in the triple digits. tech fans are gathering in san francisco this morning. findouwhat apple's next big thing will be, what the experts say we're likely to see. this is ktvu mornings on 2. good morning, everybody. welcome to mornings on 2, it is wednesday september 9th. i'm brian flores, pam cook has the day off. there will be more triple-digit temperatures in the bay area today. and the health of the public is becoming a real concern. the national weather service has issued a heat advisory from 11:00 this morning to 7 tonight. we're in the spare of the air alert, it's the 6th of the season. we could have smog and we could have problems for people with
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respiratory illnesses. they're cutting back the area's high schools because of the high temperatures. notices were posted on school websites and e-mails were sent to the families. because of the age of school buildings, more than half of the district's classrooms don't have ac. >> we became concerned with the well-being of our students and staff after numerous complaints, concerns were voiced to us because of the heat. with the extreme heat we decided that we better err on the side of caution. >> they hope to install ac in the classrooms in a year. the emergency is in effect in all the classrooms, including prospect lee and del mar. a popular south bay park could be closed today because of a high fire danger. they closed this park yesterday because of the fears that dry brush could catch fire because
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of a lit cigarette or barbecue. it's often closed because of high fire danger. they are offering cooling stations to offer people relief from the heat. one is on sonoma boulevard. there is free transit for people who need a ride to the cooling center and the library is another alternative for people trying to get out of the heat. several wildfires are continuing to burn through the state. two fires have merged to become one large fire. the oak fire as it's called as burned 100 acres, five miles east of the gold town of columbia. the fire is 20% contained. that's wildfire in orange county that's burning near homes there. the fire was reported yesterday afternoon near if you recall ton and lahabra, it's burned 80 acres and is 70% contained.
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the issue for evacuation was lifted last night. those are major concerns there. the time is 4:02. >> it's going to be hotter today than yesterday. it will be hotter for many. it's worse than the rest of the week. the next couple of days i can't help you. hang in there, it will cool off. the nights cool off slightly, not as much as they did. it's just warm. it could be a lot worse, i guess. we could have more 70s, temperatures are running warmer as you might have expect. this tells you everything you need to know. there's very sea breeze, there's fog out there trying to work its way to the north coast. it's being held off. i don't think it has much of a chance. sunshine hot, near 100 for many. there's going to be cooking
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temperatures. 103, 104 and 90s for many including oakland and san francisco. all right sal, tell me you have good news. there is something i have to tell you about this weather. since the days are shorter we check a little bit of a break because we're in june or july, right. >> it's a very little break. thank you, steve. there's nothing going on when it comes to the traffic. some of the road work has been picked up. we're off to this good start, this wednesday, middle of the week already. let's look at the bay bridge toll plaza. traffic looks good coming into the city. also looking at the 880 freeway, traffic is looking good in both directions. if you're driving in the south bay, the traffic is off to a good start on the freeways let's go back to the desk. it was september 2010 when
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a huge gas explosion in san bruno changed lives forever. it destroyed homes and they'll mark the date with a ceremony. we have more on the recovery that is still happening to this day. >> reporter: september 9, 2010, a fire bolt towers over the crest view neighborhood. 38 homes destroyed, 8 people lost their lives, a chaotic and unthinkable day. that neighbor jack remembers well. >> i don't remember exactly those things. >> jack's house was across the street from the explosion. >> i was burned here and i got blisters here. >> jack's daughter and wife fled the fire ball in the backyard. >> my wife had a problem and
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she had a scar here and here. >> the rebuilding in this neighborhood continues. some addresses are along cyclone fences and a vacant lot. it may be a year before everything is complete. >> we had to completely rebuild the infrastructure, all new storm drains, water lines, cable tvs all new street scapes are coming later. >> the pg pipeline explosion what's not an accident, it could have been prevented. they faced 1.6 million in fines and penalties. but, this was also uncovered as a result of this explosion. >> slowly but surely we found a process of collusion and corruption that was ongoing between the peg and pge. >> the memory remains, but he's
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happy to still be at home. >> we survived, we're okay. we don't feel anything, we're okay. >> that was ken pritchard reporting. over the labor day weekend, they filed motions to dismiss all 28 indictments for obstruction of justice. a british airways jet was preparing to take off from london yesterday when one of the engines caught fire. smoke fred to the cabin. there were 172 going from the boeing. 13 people went to the hospital. passengers from other planes witnessed the entire ordeal. >> it started and it was a path of smoke. we were watching them getting
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it off. i can't imagine what it was like. they let the slides out so people could escape. >> a british journalist said a couple of passengers suffered cuts and bruises from sliding out of the plane. >> passengers not injured were put up at local hotels. the. >> the federal aviation administration is now investigating the fire. a hearing for three deputies accused of killing an inmate. gerry lebron and matthew ferris, and one other postponed entering their pleas. other inmates heard him scream, i'm sorry, i'm sorry, stop. >> one attorney says his client is easy. >> he's law enforcement, he's
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not doing well, he's law enforcement, he's used to being on the other side of the bars. >> those who were supposed to protect michael, they did not. >> a statement was releasedded. saying in part, while no one can bring michael back to his family. those who -- we can assure that the ones who caused his death are brought to justice. an average of 41% of solo drivers were seen driving in santa clara county this year. that's double from five years ago. the highway patrol said it's on pace to give citations from five area counties. the tickets are $491.
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they attribute the trend to the improving economy for more people driving their jobs and people taking the risks of getting caught. they're getting ready to unveil apple's next big thing. the company is expected to release an updated iphone 6 with faster process and better cameras. they're predicting a better designed tv with more apps and games. and siri may have an update, suggestions on your past requests, such as restaurant recommendations in your neighborhoods. >> if we could get positive news, the tech sector will get better going forward. >> the event starts at 10 this morning at the bill graham
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civic auditorium, the invitation the attendance is by invitation only. marriage annulments are made easier. how catholics are reacting by the big announcement by pope francis. good morning, we're looking at the san francisco commute and traffic is doing well on northbound 101 and we'll tell you more coming up and the 880 split. we'll talk about the toasty temperatures for many.
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. welcome back everybody to mornings on 2. time is 4:13, pope francis is making it easier and cheaper for catholics to annul their marriages. the biggest change to the process in 300 years. it could affect thousands of catholics in the u.s. and bringing more people back to the church. >> reporter: big changes are coming to the catholic church while pope francis reforms the process for marriages. it will be handled by local bishops. he's eliminating the requirement that all annulments get a second judgment. >> i think it's probably one of the most extensive reviews, and most extensive changes for the
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court of cannon law, it's the structure of law that governs the global church in centuries, catholics must get an annulment if they want to be married in the church. it's been costly and out of reach for many parishioners. >> the pope has been stressing these things should be free for people who don't have much money. this legal procedure can cost hundreds of dollars. >> it's drawing mixed reaction from parishioners. >> i think it's great. >> i have an auntilment the old way and it worked and i'm happy it did. >> the pope is announcing a special forgiveness for women who had an abortion. it comes ahead of his first ever visit to the u.s. he knows that the church is losing followers on the eve of his visit to the united states.
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he's aware of the catholic population here is dwindling. >> this is the to of the holy year of mercy. >> in the meantime free tickets will be available today for people who want to be within a few blocks of events in philadelphia for the pope's visit later this month. the archdiocese of philadelphia said 10,000 tickets will be available online at 4:00 this afternoon for the closing festival. an additional 10,000 tickets will be online at 8:00 for the september 2th mass. today marks a major milestone for queen elizabeth the second. she'll be the longest serving monarch in history. she'll have served 22,000 days. her father died february 6th, 1952. now, 89 years old.
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she didn't want to make a big deal over her milestone. there are a few events planned, a boat trip and a gun salute to mark the event for the queen, to mark respect for the queen. can we get into the weather. >> it's not brian's fault that i'm old. it's my fault that i'm old. let's go and look at the commute. the traffic is doing okay. all joking asigh, this is going to be the rough days, just because everyone is back, yesterday was one of the busiest days of the whole year. after labor day everyone is back to school and most people are back today so getting out early may be a decent idea. getting out at 2:37, this is
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westbound, 237 getting out and our map system, you can see for the most part we're off to a very nice start in san jose. here's a young man himself, mr. steve paulson. >> thank you sal. i appreciate that. a heat advisory is out. the coast may be cooler today, it will not make it inland any cooling. heat advisory from 11 to 7:00. it's going to be smoking inland. going 94, this was an east breeze today. some northwest, west, it's not that strong. tomorrow the coast will cool down a little bit. 60s and 70s for most. most of the temperatures are running much warmer than they were 24 hours ago.
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it's running warmer from 1 to 6 degrees. oakland downtown, a slight breeze downtown. tropical clouds out of southern california. the fog is out there. it might make it to the coast but in the here. maybe tomorrow i think, it will be shallow, it won't cool down until friday and into the weekend. we're keeping an eye on hurricane linda. it will start to fall apart. some of the cloud cover could make its way through the weekend. it's sunshine and hot conditions. this may be relief over by the coast, we'll stick with 70s and 80s there, you won't have to go far to find 90s and 100s. it will be hot for inland areas, some locations, 103 and 105, it will be thick by friday, the fog and it looks
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cooler towards the weekend. smoking hot, that's how we'll describe it. >> please, stop it. a woman walked into a colorado police station, with only one request. the story behind this touching photo that has now gone viral.
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. welcome back to morning on
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2 everybody, it looks like president obama has sealed a victory in congress winning enough support to not kill his deal with iran. they'll mount a last ditch effort to nix this agreement. >> stage crews are in the process of getting things set up. we're expecting republican presidential candidates, ted cruz and donald trump will be here. what happens in the capitol will not have much impact inside. president obama seemed happy yesterday as he played host to the duke basketball team in the white house. part of his levity came from a filibuster to kill the nuclear deal with iran.
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they're lining up against the agreement including donald trump, a headliner rally at the capitol today. >> it's one of the most incompetent contracts. whether you look at real estate, whether you look at war, it's one of the most incompetently drawn contracts i've ever seen. >> they gathered on the steps of the capitol to seal the deal. democratic leaders are trying to provide cover for members who have been under pressure to oppose the plan. >> one thing that is so vitally important, no one has come up with an alternative. any alternative is imagery, it's fantasy land. >> now, the white house is hoping that democratic ranks hold on this, it's an
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embarrassing scenario where it would have to veto it by congress to stop the iran deal. >> well, the republican presidential candidate ben carson, receipt tired neurosurgeon made an appearance at the commonwealth club, he answered questions on his positions on several issues. he opposes abortion, he wants to seal the border, and he offers guest workers and he advocates a flat tax and lower corporate tax. >> we need a system that encourages risk taking and camp to investment. >> i thought he covered good points on his philosophical stance on legal issues and he
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handled himself well. i was impressed. >> he's picked up momentum in the presidential debate. the auto insurance company is looking to hire new workers. geico has a job fair starting at 9:00 this morning. people can connect with recruiters for sales, claims and information technology. the time is 4:25, a police officer in colorado got an unusual visitor over the weekend. a woman who was upset about the recent shooting deaths of law enforcement officers nationwide. she asked if she could give an officer a hug. while this photo has since gone viral. this officer was 20 year veteran. he said it was nice to get a hug rather than responding to a violent scene. man using videotaped in a bathroom, and how police were able to track down the person
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who did it. this says it all. apple getting to unveil its latest and greatest, we'll have the details for you coming up. good morning, we're looking a commute where traffic is doing well in many areas. highway 4 is looking good, but it's getting more crowded.
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good morning. welcome back to mornings on 2 i'm brian flores. guess who is here. >> he looked lonely i had to pop in. gasia mikaelian in for pam cook. san bruno is holding a ceremony today to mark the fifth anniversary of a gas pipeline explosion that killed eight people and destroyed 38 homes. five years later there are still vacant lots or properties under construction. pg&e faces $1.6 billion in
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fines and penalties for that blast. >> a heat advisory goes into effect across the bay area starting at 11:00 this morning. the campbell high school district is reducing school hours today because more than half of its classrooms don't have air conditioning. the emergency minimum day effect seven high schools. >> and several cities across the bay area are open up cooling centers today to help people escape the heat. the cities include morgan hill and pleasanton. the cooling stations are located in senior and community centers. let's take a look at how hot it will be today. steve, i think we already know. gasia very hot for most. and brian similar to yesterday. the coast there are some hints of a westerly breeze. yesterday was almost all easterly and then that translated into very hot temperatures. heat advisory though again 11:00 a.m. to 7:00 p.m.. i think some inland temps bump up a little bit. always a tricky foreca


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